Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 7

Week 1 is over! And I am officially wiped out; looong day on set, a lot of standing around, waiting to go, only to hold for whatever reason. Ah, film.  It was really stuffy in the location and wearing a wig made that super unpleasant.  It wasn't grueling, but after five hours or so it go to me and I just totally mentally kaput.

Light workout this morning:

Jumping Jacks: 50 - 50
Jump Lunge: 20 - 20 -20
Push Up 5 - 5- 5 (still working on that form)
Negative Pull Up 5 - 5 - 5 (these were not quite totally controlled, but way more than they were the first time I tried them, so I feel justified logging them and also the chair assisted ones were really annoying me for some reason.

Diet is going swimmingly; no real sugar cravings to speak of; I think having natural sugar in relatively small amounts (a little fruit here and there, nuts) keeps it in check. Today was weird though; I had breakfast as usual, and snacked on my trail mix a bit, but I didn't get much of the lunch they served (the only stuff left to eat was like bok choi and some weird meat-mash thing that tasted good (ie, like grease) but I only had a few bites of it all.  It definitely was not as big of a meal as I needed; I demolished my trail mix and though I was never super hungry, I was definitely low on energy. So I'm currently killing this jar of almond butter and also had a little carrots and guac on the way home.

I also stopped at Whole Foods to replenish my trail mix, and damn, nuts in large quantities are expensive.  I don't know how I spent as much money as I did there, but I do not regret it one bit. Insert joke about
needing nuts here.  I've branched out and begun exploring pecans and walnuts too. Consensus: delicious.

Alright, gotta hit the shower and crap out; early morning and long day ahead tomorrow.

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