Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 2

Completely wiped out. I think that, even though I got a solid 6 hours sleep, it wasn't enough comparative to how much energy I spent.  I am about to pass out.

Today's a rest day; so no workout.

I realized it's silly not to count writing in this blog/updating my NF challenge thread as writing, because it is.  Not very good writing, but writing nonetheless. So I realized that when it comes to practical application; my writing can be spread out throughout my day; doesn't have to be all in one sitting.  Because I just tried free writing a bit and it was good and all but like even my friggin' hands are too tired to type.

BUT just wanna say I've been doing well with my food logs, my diet, been writing, so, SO FAR SO GOOD. GOOD NIGHT.


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