Wednesday, September 19, 2012

4WC: Day 1

Veritably bounced out of bed this morning when I heard the door buzz; MY PULL UP BAR GOT HERE!

I was pleased as pie;  felt all butch putting that shit together. I even used a wrench to tighten to the screws. I know, you're swooning at my ability to complete a basic task.  Lawd ha' mercy. So put that bad boy in place, and voila! Instant access to Necessary Equipment for Badasses.

Though I was eager to try out some negative pull ups, I had some things to do, so I organized myself for the day, ate breakfast, and worked on my lines for the feature, the short film and an audition (that I have to tape this week), as well as my Richard III monologue(because I got an audition for a production of Hamlet tomorrow! I'm very, very excited, as it will be my first audition for a classical piece and thus my first opportunity in the professional sphere to test my Willy Shakes Skillz).  That all went swimmingly.  The sun was streaming in my windows, and I was pumped to work out.

So, I started off with Circuit A, which is five sets (trying to keep it under 20 mins) of:

20 Bodyweight Lunge / 7 Push-Up / 60 sec Plank / 5 Negative Pull-Up + a run

Well, everything went swimmingly until the Negs. I could barely hold myself up, let alone lower myself at a controlled rate. I was very disappointed by this, but now I know where I stand.

The last two Planks were absolute murder. I almost gave in on the last one, but managed the full minute.  Similarly, the last set of push ups were brutal, but I focused on my breath and made it through (the wilderness! You know I made it throuughhhOooh a ooohh).

So after the five sets were over, I was still frustrated by my failed Negs, so I did four sets of 5 Assisted Pull Ups with a Chair. These went way better, and I could feel some muscles that have obviously not gotten worked at all start to creak. While I'm a bit down that I'm not as strong as I'd like yet, I at least know how far I have to go, and I have a plan to get there.

To put myself in (hopefully) a better mood, I hit the park for a run. It was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL out today and as it was the middle of a week day, not many people were out. I picked the distance I wanted to run to (Grand Army Plaza, exactly 1.2 miles from my starting point in the park) and ran. The whole way. Without stopping.  In 12:49.  Not as fast as I would have liked, but it was almost entirely up hill, so I feel badass as fuck.  Took a two minute breather, kept walking, then I ran back, without stopping, and made it in 12:06 (downhill, mostly). The last two minutes were brutal, but fortunately, Sia's Titanium came on my iPod and I was able to finish strong.

I didn't have much intention of running much this challenge, but I think it's growing on me. I won't do it every workout, but maybe twice or thrice a week. I felt amazing after and it will (probably?) be good for my lung capacity.

Also, I would like to point out that I got my highest score ever (574) on my Fitocracy (carastarbuck, look me up if care about these sorts of sites).

Alright! A strong first day, now I have to eat dinner, sweep my room and go get my hair trimmed. Away!


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