Sunday, September 23, 2012


So, the next 6 Week Challenge starts tomorrow; and so does my work on the feature! AHH I'M SO EXCITED.

So, I already outlined my goals for the challenge.  RE: Strict Paleo, I was waffling about cutting out all sugar/sweeteners and alcohol.  I made a decision when I realized I wasn't indecisive because I didn't think I could do it, I was indecisive because it would mean committing; holding myself accountable.  I knew I could physically do it, because I've abstained from alcohol for months at a time before and I was doing well with the no sugar thing last challenge.  I just lost sight of my goals and I got lazy.

So, I'm cutting out sugar and alcohol COMPLETELY.  I already turned down drinks twice today and when I explained why, I was happy to receive congratulatory/impressed responses, which was nice.  I'm sure I'll get some funny looks at some point, but it was nice to get positive feedback off the back.  I am also utilizing the forum at NF as a means of holding myself accountable; really publicly committing to my goals and starting a Player v Player challenge.

Impressed myself by hopping out of bed at 8:30 AM and cranking out a workout.  I was definitely not as rested as I would've liked to be and as a result my workout wasn't that intense, but I got it done, and that's what counts.

Tomorrow is the big day; my first day on set of the feature. I could not be more thrilled/terrified; it's surreal really.  It's almost like it doesn't quite register as a real thing that I'm doing. Gonna be a lot of fun.

Okay, time to write; I am determined to stick to my 25 min/day schedule and so far it's going well.


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