Monday, September 17, 2012

End of the Six Week Challenge; Days 41 & 42

The end of the Six Week Challenge has arrived and I still can't decide to type "6 Week Challenge," or "Six Week Challenge." Sigh. But it's been great either way, and while I did not accomplish mostof my goals, I still feel awesome. Let's recap:


#1 - Do 25 consecutive push ups.
I  underestimated how out of shape I was, and it took me about 3 1/2 weeks to realize my form was all wrong, so serious back-tracking took place.  So on this one, even though I didn't reach the goal; I learned a lot. I can do 10 consecutive push ups, by the way. So half way there!

#2 - Stick to strict Paleo
I'm giving myself this one. I was going for a record of no cheat days at all, pure Paleo (only meat, veggies, eggs, no sugar), but then I started going insane, so I designated Sundays my cheat day. In terms of what I eat on any random day, my meals are pure Paleo goodness. Mission accomplished!

#3 - Do 1 Pull Up
As with #1, I aimed a little too high, and I also did not make all the necessary steps (haven't bought a pull up bar yet).  Saving this one for the next challenge!

#4 - Reach Out to at least 4 Agents about representation
Got ahead of myself (noticing a pattern?).  I realized too late that I really need to have at least a basic reel put together (aside from my filmed NYCDA scene) before I start contacting agencies.  I did take steps to make that happen, and reached out to people I filmed with over the summer to get my footage.

Stuff I accomplished outside of the goals:

- DISCIPLINE. I created a routine and stuck to it.  I mentally crossed off opting out; there was no reason and absolutely no circumstance under which it was acceptable for me to miss a workout.  And I am proud to say I achieved this, and this framework will stay with me for a long time.  Working out is a totally new habit and it's one that has affected my productivity in every area,

-STRATEGY. I'm learning how to set goals; how to accurately assess my status with any given project/state of being, etc and figure out how to proceed from there.

-CONFIDENCE.  I'm getting in shape, seeing the results and feeling wonderful about my body and my capabilities.  This is definitely a personal best in a lot of ways, and I basically feel like I can do pretty much anything I set my mind to.  I have also noticed some big ways in which my acting has felt the positive reverberations of my exercise work ethic.

Even though today was technically a rest day, I didn't want the last official day of the challenge to not have a workout in it, haha.  So I decided to really push myself, and I learned some stuff.

Mainly, that my push up form, though improving, was really starting to slide.  I corrected it, and the resulting push ups were murder, but I did them!

I did four circuits of Lunge/Plank/PushUp:
Circuit 1: 20 lunge, 60 sec plank, 5 push up
2/3/4/5: 20 lunge, 60 sec plank, 6 push up
6: 7 push up

And yesterday was a solid 20Squat/3Burpee/30SecWallSit/30SecSuperman/10DumbbellRow day (four and a half circuits).

So.  The Six Week Challenge is over, but I still have a month until my new headshots (exactly four weeks as of today). I also start filming the feature next Monday (9/24).  So tomorrow begins Cara's Mini 4 Week Challenge!  Going to create a few goals for myself, the same as I would for the Six Week, and also maybe come up with my own reward system.

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