Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DAY 30(!)

I am incredibly glad I listened to myself and gave myself the day off from the bar yesterday; I felt braindead.  Writing a simple sentence seemed like a complicated chore. Whew.  Feeling very refreshed, and excited. Tonight, NFL starts, which means the money starts rolling in and I can start putting aside money for travel for the spring.  And tomorrow, as I mentioned previously, there is a meeting with the dance choreographer for the feature.  A year ago I would have looked toward such an event with terror, but I feel far more capable and comfortable with my body than I ever have before; I'm actually looking forward to it.  I snagged some new heels at Payless(hooray for Buy One Get One 50% Off) for the rehearsal, as I realized my one pair of pumps have pretty much outlived their usefulness.

Slept late and felt bad about it, but I banished that feeling fairly quickly and just adjusted my schedule for the day accordingly.  No sense in feeling guilty when it was clear that I needed the extra Zzzzs. Went to Target for cat food and Payless for shoes, managed to get in and out in under an hour (had my stop watch running), and only bought one thing I didn't go there for. Success(Granted, that one thing was pumpkin coffee syrup; and while I am still going to limit my artificial sweetener intake; I figure once or twice a week will be a little reward)!

Got home, immediately workout out.

Warm up:

  • 10 Leg swings /leg forward/back and side to side
  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 5 Push Ups
  • 10 Spider-Mans

Four Circuits of:
  • 20 body weight squats
  • 30 second Superman
  • 30 second wall sit
  • 3 burpees
  • 10 bent over dumbbell rows
Really pushed hard and felt like a boss after; and totally alleviated any remaining guilt I had about sleeping late. Asserting control!  Also I finished the fourth circuit just barely inside the 15 minutes (14:45ish); felt good.

Aside from the previous two days brain-deadedness (yes I made up "deadedness"), I have definitely been feeling really mentally clear of late.  My confidence is at an all time high; both from the sense of accomplishment I get from my workouts and diet and the actual nutrition factor of what I eat affecting my brain.  I am somewhat prone to depression; but the last really, really shitty day I had emotionally/mentally was the day before I began working out and changed my diet.  Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Also, thinking of getting a pull up bar for my place; now that gym is out of the question, I really need to find a way to reach my goal of one pull up.  I've been doing plenty of rows and whatnot, but I think I have to start doing assisted pull ups with a chair if I want to make more significant progress.

The Week 5 Challenge is about getting organized; and I still need to decide what I want to focus on.  Maybe organize all my old bills and pay stubs? Eeesh, that's a scary prospect.

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