Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 28: Week Five Begins.

Today is the official first day of Week Five.  It was a rest day, and again I experimented with eating patterns.

My meals:

-Breakfast: 4 eggs, 4 slices of turkey bacon
-Second Breakfast: (because I'm a hobbit, apparently, but my family already knows that) - A western omelet (eggs, ham, green peppers, onion)
-Lunch: Burger no bun, sauteed onion, bacon, side salad with vinegar, salt n pepper
-Dinner: Salad with sauteed red peppers

All in all I feel pretty good.  I mean, I'm still really tired, but standing around all day will do that.  Also, I was busier today than I expected, much like yesterday, so we will see how I feel after a good ten hours sleep.

I'm off tomorrow from the bar, though I have an audition in the evening.  Either tomorrow or Wednesday or both I have to hit the store;  I will be at work Thurs, Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues, and I am getting tired of the few healthy eating options I have there.  Also I end up spending money so that I can eat dinner before 7 PM, which is no good.  So goal for the work week is MEAL PREP.

I've also decided I love sauteed spinach and want it with everything I eat.  I am going to buy the grocery out of spinach.  It's decided.

There is less tension between the kitties. Yay! I really hope they become lovers/besties in short order.

I may purchase Joel Runyon's Impossible Abs program, which comes out tomorrow.  It'll be like $40 or something, which is less than I would spend in a night out filling my body with crap out drinking, so why not?  It's basically what I'm doing already, only with more guidelines.  And you know how I love my guidelines.

Also realized this whole endeavor means virtually no alcohol.  Not a huge deal; I've gone months without drinking before. Also I'll be saving a ton of money.  I'm not great at moderation, so instead of saying "Oh I'll only have 2 glasses of wine per week" or whatever, I'm probably just going to (continue to) do away with booze entirely.  Plus, I've been doing so well on this No Sugar thing for the last six days that I really don't want to break my streak.  Want to see how long I can go.

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