Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week Four Homework from NF

This is this week's Challenge from NF:
This is another thinking man's challenge. It's meant to build on the challenge put forth to you last week. Ask yourself a question: what's stopping you from being the best you you can be?

Those goals that you considered last week, why haven't you accomplished them yet? Your health goals, your fitness goals, what's holding you back from doing what you want? Are you not getting enough sleep? Are you not prioritizing exercise, or eating right? Are you not studying enough? Are you watching so much Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood that you can barely function in life (can't say I don't know how that one goes)?
What's going on in your life that you can change, just for one week, to improve your quality of life?
Find that weakness, pinpoint it, and destroy it - just for one week. One week of 8 hour rests, one week of consistent training, one week of financial management.

For example, I don't sleep enough, at all. My mission this week is to get 7.5 - 9 hours of sleep every night (that's my sweet spot).
Your reward for accomplishing this mission will be +1 WIS and +1 STA.
Your deadline is Monday, September 3rd, at 11:59PM.

Serendipitous, as two things became clear to me today. I don't spend enough time on my real career because I'm usually wiped out from the day job. And I haven't totally cut out sugar from diet and I think that's what's impeding weight-loss progress. So I'm going to make this a double goal, and I will only award myself a half point for each (if I complete the first goal I will get  +.5 WIS +.5 STA, so that only in completing both goals will I get the full point for each category.

Okay, here goes (deep breath of commitment):
1)For this week I will not consume ANY sugar. Nada, nothing, not even fruit. I kinda tried this last week and failed miserably.  This will make me super vigilant about what I put in my body, because sugar is everywhere and I will probably save money because I will be eating out on the town less. Werq!
2) I will spend AT LEAST 20 minutes, every day, working on acting related stuff.  That can be working a monologue, writing cover letters, combing audition listings, creating my industry contacts list, whatever.

Okay, now I really am going to bed.


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