Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 9

Full disclosure, folks, it is nine days in and I am fucking ready to sleep for a year.  Just finished my morning(!) workout, Sqt/PshUp/Rw/Plnk circuit, and I could only complete four circuits in 15; when I did it on Friday I completed six circuits.  I know it's early in the game and I shouldn't feel bad because it just means my body it exhausted; but I still feel like it's back-sliding? I guess it's important to realize that not every day will be an Aha!Progress Moment.  Some days you'll just be tired as all hell and you just have to keep going.

Yesterday when I got home from work; I could barely walk up the three flights to my apartment.  I was destroyed; and work wasn't even that busy. I need to make sure I take Wednesday and actually rest up a little.  I'll still squeeze in a light workout; but I need to give my legs a break I think.

Diet is going really, really well though.  After Saturday's drinking escapades I am determined not to let peer pressure to party (alliteration!) undo all the hard work I am putting in.  I am going out tonight with my brother again to karaoke and again on Thursday for my friend's birthday; it will be a good test.  I think I may just cut out alcohol completely.  Weight aside, it makes me bloat and does my skin no favors.  Plus, I am filming something on Saturday and don't want to be puffy-faced, so I have many reasons to abstain.I  I cut booze out for about two months earlier in the year with a couple of cheats, so this should not be too difficult.

On Goal #4 zero progress has been made; so this week I will begin by looking at listings as well as asking one of my acting school professors to lunch to pick his brain.  On the upside; Sunday I got to be featured in this super awesome photo-project being collaborated on by three artists and an art historian about the Highline Parkway.  I cannot wait to see the photos.

I get into this habit where whenever I delve into something new I feel super zealous about it for like, two days, then lose interest and eventually abandon whatever the project is.  I can feel my attention wandering from my goals, but I am determined not to give in. Same deal goes for my novel and songwriting.  I plunged into both with vigor; only to start neglecting them a few days later.  Consistency is my biggest issue.  I am working on dividing up my leisure time between working on the aforementioned projects and vegging.



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