Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 3; Day 15: Refocus

I've started Week 3 off well; just finished a low impact circuit workout; 3 and 1/2 circuits of 20JumpingJack/10Lunges/10PushUps/30SecPlank/10SeatedDips.  It's funny what a night of good sleep can do a body; I swear I look more cut up this morning than I did before going to sleep (though I'm sure there are many potential reasons for that, ie water weight etc).  Anyhow, I feel utterly badass and am making myself take some bigger steps this week.

I have been diligent with my work outs. I am on the strictest diet I have ever tried and it is going swimmingly; aside from a few daydreams of mocha frappaccinos, I have not strayed.

But. I have done nothing about Goal #4; reaching out to agencies.  Time to do that.  I don't want to leave it until Week 6 and be all rushed.  So this week will be Research Week! I will comb backstage; bust out my business class notes (if I can find them), and perhaps call up a few old professors. I am going to use this solidified confidence in my ability to Get Shit Done to fuel my career as well as my fitness goals.


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