Thursday, August 9, 2012

O: BM - Day 4

Day 4 of Operation: Beast Mode

Woke up, read an article on NerdFitness and then thought, "Wait, why am I just sitting here, I have shit to do!" So I got up and worked out.  Not only did I workout, I added half a loop to my Squat/PushUp/Row/Plank circuit. That's Almost 50 pushups, which is one of my Goals for the 6WkCh; granted those 49 were not consecutive, but still! So feeling really pumped.

Bodyweight Squat:
20 reps
Push up:
7 reps
One Armed Dumbbell Row:
8 lb x 10 per arm
20 sec

I completed 6 1/2 circuits; finishing around 14:35 with 7 circuits of Squat and Push Up, and 6 circuits of the Rows and Plank.  Saturday goal: complete 7th Circuit!


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