Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 6: Ow.

So last night was probably the worst waitressing shift of my entire service industry career.  It was like every anxiety dream about work I have ever had (beer running out, new set up and not knowing where anything is, food taking hours(!)).  I have never been so embarrassed to waitress in my life.  I basically didn't stop running around for 6 hours and I. Am. Exhausted. BUT. I would not be on the path to Badassery if I let a little thing like being tired stop me, so when I got up I worked out and did ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY SQUATS, MOTHERFUCKERS. That's right. I added a seventh circuit (Or Seventh Circle of Hell, if you like) to my Squat/PushUp/Plank/Row circuit. Not a full seventh circuit, just the squats; didn't have time for the full one inside the 15 minutes.

And now my legs are super tired. Like, ow.  So for tomorrow (Day 7!) I will doing a very light workout; not one of the circuits( SqtPshUpPlnkRw(SPPR) or Superhero). So many parentheses! Sorry, I love them. I have decided that because of the way my schedule is set up with work, Wednesday is my rest/errands day; so starting this upcoming Wednesday I will take a break from working out.  Six days on, one day off seems sufficiently hardcore for Beast Mode Standards.

I'm going to start taking torso photos tomorrow as well.  I can already feel and see the difference from evena  week ago though, which is remarkable. And feels absolutely AMAZING.  I do need to remind myself to make sure I'm resting enough and eating enough protein to keep going at this pace so that I don't burn out; my usual non-commitment to fitness has turned into rabid-commitment; I don't want to hurt myself. Also, MORE STRETCHING!

As Ryan Lochte would say, "Jeah!"


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