Wednesday, August 8, 2012

For the time being this blog is going to be a place for me to publicly record my fitness life without blowing up my FB friends' newsfeeds (you're welcome!).  I was just cast (!) in an indie film, and there is a decent chance  that I will be in a leotard or something similar; this prospect is more than a bit daunting, so I decided to use this as motivation to push my fitness to the next level.  I've been working out every here and there and eating fairly well, but I know I can do more.

I have never been particularly healthy or in shape, though I live a pretty active life now (I live in a walking city).  I played some sports as a kid, but they definitely did not require any rigorous training outside of practice.  Running for more than a block left me really short of breath and I was always tired.  In the last two years I started to put on a little bit of muscle from bar-tending and waitressing at a busy sports bar (running up and down stairs, carrying four pitchers of beer at once, etc).  Then my big sister discovered NF and became a complete fitness guru and the bug bit.  I've always looked at athlete's prowess with envy, thinking "Man, they're so capable and badass, I wonder what that feels like?" Well, time to find out!  I've been eating loose Paleo since around January (including dairy and lots of fruit), and I started working out every so often (maybe twice a week). I used to smoke, but I quit in February, been pretty much smoke free since then with a few lapses.

So, because I am PAF (Poor As F***), I don't currently have a gym membership, which is sad because I really want to get into lifting.  That will happen eventually, like in the next few months when I can find an affordable gym.  But in the meantime, I need to be able to workout NO MATTER WHAT, no matter where or when, no excuses; so I've been trying circuit bodyweight exercises and really loving them.

Coincidentally, NerdFitness is starting another 6 Week Challenge; the timing could not be better!

 I realized that the reason I have never been in shape is because I have never committed to it; I didn't think it was really possible.  Screw that. I have exactly 48 days as of today until we shoot this thing, so this 6WC really is serendipitous.

Alright, this post is already super long, sooooo 6WkC GOALS:

1) Be able to do 50 consecutive pushups
2) Be able to run 5k without stopping
3) Be able to do one pull-up
4[lifegoal!]  Contact at least 5 agencies about getting representation.

Plan:  I'm working out every day, with one break day a week (probably wednesdays or thursday, though that will start next week).  I've realized that I'm the kind of person that needs to go all out; no moderation on this one for me.

Diet: Strict Paleo(started 8/4); basically meat, veggies, eggs, with occasional fruit (but only early in the day), and almonds.  I don't want to give up coffee, so artificial sweetener and almond milk for my morning java (though eventually I would like to wean myself off....though I'll probably have to go cold turkey knowing me).

Running: 2-3 sprint sessions a week, 1 long distance run in the park.
Full body: 15 minute circuits; squats, burpees, push-ups, core strengthers (supermans, planks, etc).

This is Day 3, and I'm feeling great and motivated.

Till next time,

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