Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 11

Yesterday, Day 10; my mom drove up to pick up my little brother and move him out of my apartment where he's been staying for the past two months, so I took a rest day.  Though I technically had a rest day on Sunday, I was up at the ass crack of morning and walked/ran around ALL DAY, so it was hardly restful, and as I mentioned before; working on on Mon and Tues was incredibly difficult. My muscles weren't particularly sore, I was just running on fumes. Bad.  So yesterday instead of working out I slept in, then got up and cleaned my place in prep for La Madre.  We went out to eat with some of my friends a bit on the late side, so I vetoed my No Eating After 7 PM rule. I ate mostly really healthfully; had a little sangria and tequila, but nothing crazy, so I felt great this morning even though I was up late and woke up early to see my fam off (7 AM).  Now it's only noon and I already worked out, swept and rearranged my room and started some organization projects.

Also just worked out, and I FELT. AWESOME. And strong.  I did my Superhero Circuit and almost completed a sixth circuit, meaning I did THIRTY. BURPEES. THIRTY. Yes. I feel awesome. Now, I have to clean myself up and get on with my day, but I am incredibly boosted in my confidence in my workouts.  Oh, also, I improved my sprint time by a skosh.  Of the four sprints, my first time was 25.6 and my last was 21.05. SUCKA PLEASE.

I now know the power of taking your rest days seriously. Phew.


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