Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 12

Almost to the two week mark which means a third of the Six Week challenge is almost over.  I cannot believe -- CANNOT-- believe that I have been this consistent for so long.  I am super proud of myself.

On the flip side, I am fucking beat right now and have to head to work in less than an hour. Normally this would be fine except I have been up since 8 AM because I filmed all afternoon; which consisted of walking around the park in stilettos (NOT FUN OR EASY) and dragging my suitcase full of costume changes around. I had a great time overall, I'm just wiped out  because I went to sleep around 2:30 AM last night because of work.  And I have to be up early again tomorrow for more filming (different project) though I get an early evening. Fortunately I shouldn't be working past 10 30 PM, which puts me home around midnightish at the latest (fingers crossed). And I have all Sunday off, thank god.

This morning I wasn't feeling doing squats, so I created a new circuit which was

Jumping Jacks - 20
Lunge - 10 /leg
Push Up - 10
Plank - 30 sec
Seated Tricep Dip - 10

Completed it 3 1/2, so I got in 40 lunges, 40 pushups, and 60 JJs and 30 Dips.  Not half bad.  Tomorrow will be a rest day methinks; I'll just got for a walk in the evening because my body is already hurting from the workout and unexpected traipsing in the park in heels.

Loading up on food now; and eating again in like an hour or so when i get to work where I will be sure to get a burger or something high protein.

Been doing well on the diet still; sugar intake is very tricky to control/abolish.  My mom brought me peaches from Pennsylvania and they are so fucking good I have to eat them all.  I didn't even know I liked peaches. Anyway! Definitely sleeping hard tonight.



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