Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 22: Week Four Underway

Today is Day 2 of Week 4.  At the end of this week, I will have been doing this for ONE WHOLE MONTH, YOU GUYS. A MONTH.

So I have not been totally happy with my progress in week 3, and so I did some evaluating to see what I need to shake up. 

The little big thing I realized is that the vinaigrette dressing I had been using on my salads at work has sugar in it.  This should have been a no-brainer, but I guess I didn't -want- to know, because the thought of eating salad plain was not particularly appetizing.  What I may start doing is bringing a little tupperware with a tiny mix of oil and vinegar and just use that.  Or suck it up. We'll see. 

I was still eating fruit and drinking a Naked juice in the morning.  This week I am definitely going to cut out that sugar and see what happens.

I think last Thursday's Drink-a-thon 2012 REALLY set me back more than I thought it would.  Sure, it was just one night and hungover morning, but when I think about how many different things I consumed over that 10 hour period, I wince a bit.  Lots of gluten based stuff.  Lots of sugar.  And beer, and beer just doesn't usually sit well with me and causes major bloatage.  So...I do want to go out at least one night a week with my friends, so I need to figure out an alternative. One, is drink less.  This actually won't be that hard.  I think I just got carried away last week because it had been a WHILE since going out. Probably JUST stick to tequila + water.  Sure that means I won't get in on whatever drink specials, but that's actually okay because I'll drink slower and end up saving money.

I also got new running shoes and work shoes, and my legs feel better already. Another no-brainer, but never having been super athletic before, shit like "Oh maybe these shoes I've been running around in every day for six months are worn out" isn't my first thought.  Now it is.

Today was a rest day, but yesterday my work circuit out consisted of:

Wall Sit: 4 Sets of 30 Seconds
Push up: 4 sets of 3
Superman: 4 sets of 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks: 4 sets of 20
Seated Dips: 4 sets of 10

I haven't done any burpees for a while, so tomorrow I'm going to take my new kicks for a spin with burpees and sprints in the park.

Also, I started up with my food journal again. Write it down during the day, Google Docs type it up at night. Gonna go do that now.





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