Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 5

Day 5 of Operation: Beast Mode, and I'm going strong.  Excited to finish the week out with a bang; only two more days to go, and every day my goals seem more like possibilities and less the daunting phantoms that they were.

I was supposed to have an audition/interview at 1 PM (it just got pushed back to 5 PM) so I got up at 9 AM, little rough after bartending late and not getting into bed until 2:30 AMish, but I wanted to make sure I worked out today. I did my Burpee/SpiderMan/Superman circuit (I should call it the Superhero Workout), and managed to add a complete circuit (making for a total of five circuits).  Progress!

I moved onto sprints from there; my overall time is improving and I realized that I have a tendency to lead with my chest, which leaves me totally out of breath and puts strain on the wrong places.  I focused on my pushing my legs into the ground more, with attention on my quads, and that improved my feel and performance significantly. I also added two sprints; going from doing three to five.

Growing up an internet and fantasy geek, I never understood how "jocks" my age had so much confidence and just seemed to put their best foot forward most of the time (not saying that people who play sports/workout are more well-adjusted, just a casual observation), and now it's obvious.  When you push your body to your limit and go past it, not only have you achieved real, tangible results, but you also build mental discipline; you know that when you want to, you CAN do it, you can push yourself and accomplish your goals.  I'm sure not every athlete feels that way, but that has been my primary take away from five straight days of training: I can do whatever I put my mind to.


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