Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hey! Three weeks! BAM. I can't believe the challenge is half over.  I'm keeping the regime up for two weeks past the actual challenge, as two weeks after it ends is when filming begins, so I want those last two weeks to be the final push.

But. Taking a second here.  I've been doing this for three weeks.  I don't think I've ever been this disciplined about something, ever. I know I've said that before, but holy shit, it's really sinking in.  I'm killing it.  And I feel absolutely confident that this will, as it has been doing, continue to sharpen the other aspects of my life.  I get shit done.  Very little dillydallying going on anymore.

Just finished morning workout; 3 and 1/2 circuits of 20 Squats, 3 Push Ups (CORRECT FORM!), 30 Sec Plank, and 10 Bent Over Dumbbell Row.

Grand total of 60 Squats, 9 Push Ups, 3 Planks and 20 Rows.

Because my legs get worked out virtually all day when I'm working, I took particular care to pay attention to how my knees were feelings etc, being careful to listen to how my muscles were feeling, and where I was focusing my weight.  Helped a lot.  Today should be an easy work day, so hopefully tonight I'll have enough energy to get some acting stuff done, as well as tidy up a bit.



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