Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 24: CatsCatsCats

I'm officially adopting a new cat, which means I am upgrading from Cat Owner to Cat Person.  If I get a third cat of my own(the roommate's cat doesn't count) then I will officially be a Cat Lady.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Anyhow, I went to Target and miraculously managed to buy only one thing I didn't go there to get (colorful shoelaces!).  I got a litterbox, catfood, a large plastic bin to store all cat-related things in as well as two smaller plastic organizers/bins for my papers/notebooks and bills/office supplies.  Tomorrow the organization shall commence, as I have to go waitress in an hour or so.

Finished a GREAT workout; I feel really awesome about it; I pushed myself to my limit but not beyond and sweated my butt off.  I started up a warm up of 25 jumping jacks, 5 push ups (which I cranked out with relative ease compared to yesterday; progress!) and some moves to open up my hips and get my legs warmed up.  Then I did 4 circuits of

-20 body weight squats
-30 second Superman
-30 second static wall sit
-10 one armed dumbell rows (8lbs/my gallon Tropicana bottle)

Finished the fourth circuit around 14:25.  I really liked this combination of exercises, I may stick with it for a while.  I get bored easily so I've been changing the workouts a lot; maybe too frequently.

Diet is going well; currently trying to scale back the amount of artificial sweetener I use in my coffee.  I went out and bought some less cheap coffee, hoping this will taste better than Folgers (it was disgusting with nothing in it.).....after some intense assessment, yes, this stuff does taste better.  A brand I picked up at Target called like 8 O'Clock or something, their French roast.  I put maybe a teaspoon of splenda substitute in it.  Not bad!

I don't mind shelling out for coffee, so this may be the start of a beautiful adventure into gourmet coffee land. Away!

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