Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 23: The End of Running (for now)

Just finished today's workout, though more on that in a second.

I woke up at 9 am, unassisted! I even tried to go back to sleep but to no avail. Kind of awesome, actually.  I made coffee, ate five eggs (as I was out of bacon I upped the quantity), did about 30 minutes or less of internet nonesense.  Then I spent at least 20 minutes working on acting stuff (so far so good!) which included beginning to create an index of everyone I have ever worked with, been cast by or been taught by. This was a suggestion of my dad's, and a pretty good one.  I'm putting EVERYbody on it.  Even if I only met you once, if we exchanged emails or info of any kind, you're going in it.  It will help me keep track of useful contacts, resources, cool people I might want to reach out to work with in the future, etc.

Oh, and I wrote myself a new bio last night for my website, and I think it's pretty solid and professional sounding. Feel great about that. Check it:

So, my workout.  The plan was to do four circuits of .08 mile Sprint /5Burpees /20Lunges/30 second Plank.  I took my time warming up and stretching.  The new running shoes feel AMAZING, so I was pumped and confident.  But the moment my left foot hit the ground in my first sprint, I could tell something was off.  I pushed through it anyway, though I readjusted my weight distribution and didn't strain very hard, but it was clear something was off.  So I walked around for a little, then did the 5 burpees, 20 lunges and 30 sec plank.

My left knee would, uh, twinge, I guess.  There was no one particular movement that did it, it was almost random seeming.  I could walk and feel nothing, do burpees and nothing and then maybe on one lunge it would feel weird.  That's a really vague description, but alas that's what it was.  So, I abandoned the sprints then did:

25 Jumping Jacks x 2
20 lunges x 2
5 more burpees x 2
30 sec plank x 2

After the last lunge set the knee twinged again, so I decided to finish off the workout by just doing upper body/abs.  So I did:

5 Push Up x 3 (REALLY stoked about that, progress!)
30 Sec Plank x 3

Then again, took my time stretching and cooling down.  Bout to take a hot shower, then I'm going to ice and elevate later tonight after I'm done cooking my food for the week.

Being super productive today, though I have more to do and it's already 5 pm, so I better get crackin'.  I still need to head to Target for some plastic bins and maybe a tool kit, as well as organize some shit in my room.

For the 6 Week Challenge one of my goals was to run 3k without stopping.

It seems to me that the wisest thing to do would be to abandon the Run 3k goal for the remainder of this challenge.  With how physically intense my job can be I really cannot afford a blown out knee, and running might be really dangerous (as my near-panic attack of last week showed us).  So, while I am disappointed about that, it seems the only option.

That goal, goal #3, will now officially be to continue the remaining two and a half weeks of the challenge , AND the two weeks after that before filming, sugar free.  I already committed to doing that for this week's homework and I was kinda sorta trying it before, but now it is official.  No. MOAR. SUGAR. At all.  This is so hard for me because I have a sweet tooth like nobody's business.  But then, I also love salty shit, so maybe I can substitute? Like, instead of getting a sugary beverage/snack I can eat...something salty? I dunno. Anyway.  I'll think of something.


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