Thursday, August 23, 2012

DAY 18

Whoo! So, Tuesday morning I strained my left knee a bit in a workout, promptly freaked out and thought I'd sprained it, calmed down, rested it yesterday and today my workout was all upper body stuff.  Tomorrow I'll see how it feels because doing any full body stuff.

Yesterday was my sort-of "Cheat Day" which may or may not have involved treating myself to dinner (Guac and fried calamari with chipotle mayo! Wine!) and then getting tipsy on hard cider and yelling at my laptop while watching Supernatural (-gasp- DEAN! NOOOO! SAM! SAM! SAMMMYYYYYY!!!).

Though I was not hung over this morning, my body aches from the alcohol, which is odd, though unsurprising.  My weekly alcohol intake is very low, so when I do drink my body gets angry with me.  Which is good, because is discourages me college-style pointless partying and hang overs.  I am wimp about hang overs. I would rather never drink again than be hung over and have to do stuff. It sucks.

Just finished working out; I created a new circuit for upper body and light leg stuff.  I'm working on perfecting my form on push ups; realized I was not going down as far as I ought and my elbows were pretty far out.  So I only did 3 per set, but damn they were hard.

Push Up [3]
Wall Sit [30 sec]
One Arm Bent Over Dumbbell Row [10 per arm per set]
Plank [30 sec]

Completed 4 circuits in fifteen minutes.  Broke a sweat! And my knee is feeling much better, though I may wear my ace bandage when I go out tonight, just in case, as I have to waitress tomorrow.

I also think I need to buy new running shoes.  I wear the same sneakers for work that I do for working out, so they're probably shot (bought them in March-ish).  I need to buy new ones and ONLY wear them for exercise and walking around, NOT at work.

Also, I started some serious research for acting stuff and realized I have A LOT of work to do.  More on that later.


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