Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 14: Week 2 Completed!

You guys.  I have been doing this for TWO WEEKS. IN A ROW. I worked out on ten on the fourteen days.  Not bad for a big comfortslug like moi, eh!?  And not only have I been sticking to my diet and work-out regime but I have also been super duper productive on the acting front and in general.  

Yesterday I rearranged my entire room (not an odd occurrence for me, really, I do it about every six months) and because my brother left an awesome metal clothing rack here I have twice the space for my hordes of clothes.  So I finally organized almost ALL of my clothing.  I have far too much.  I have the main stuff I wear, most of which I bought in the last year, then I have all these clothes from high-school that I either wear -very- rarely but still wear and thus justify keeping or has too much nostalgia attached to to throw away.  Then there's clothes I accumulated from house guests, old roommates, etc.  I have found plenty of t-shirts that I never thought I would wear because I went through a phase wear everything I wore had to be black or red and sexy, but thankfully I got through that alive and now wear other colors again. Phew.


All my crap. But on shelves/in drawers/on hangers!

My classy, classy, DIY shoe rack
So I spent a lot of today just looking around my room, being generally impressed with myself.

Then I had an audition/interview view via Google+ Hangout, which, while I usually feel awkward about video interviews, seemed to go very well and I will say no more than that, except I hope I get the role because it seems like a really cool project and the two guys running it seemed rad.  Fingers crossed, people!

Now, for the final day of Week 2 of Operation: Beast Mode, I battled cravings for sugary drinks all day long and contented myself with a peach.  Though maybe the sugar in the peach was what triggered the craving? Egg, or chicken? Whatever, I didn't cave. I have made  it this far, and I would love to be able to go up to people in bars and say "One time I went six weeks without a single mocha frap. Why, yes, you may buy me a drink, how nice!"  They will be so. Impressed.

Anyway, before the interview I was not looking forward to working out, but the audition seemed to go so well (I read a bit from the script) that I was full of adrenaline after and practically leapt into exercise.  There have may have been some Ricky Martin inspired impromptu sexy dancing. 

I did four and half circuits of 20Squat/7PushUp/30SecPlank/10DumbbellRows.  I felt a weird, er, spasm, in my right quad in the second to last circuit of squats.  I paused, and nothing hurt; it was almost like an electric current ran through my leg. I don't know how else to describe it.  I finished that set with no issue but then it happened again in the last set. I paused again, waited a few seconds.  I checked my breathing to make sure I was taking full, deep breaths, and finished the circuit, only going MUCH slower than before.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It was really weird.  Anyway, I'm going to just make sure I take my time in future squat sets. AND I made sure I stretched A LOT after.

Alright, bring on Week 3!


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