Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DAYS 22, 23 & 24

Forgot to update yesterday, and yesterday was awesome workout wise!

Yesterday(Day 23)
Bulgarian: 10-12-8-8-6
Push Up: 8-10-8-8-10 (The last 10 were brutal, sheer willpower was behind that last rep. But I'm so pumped.)
20 s each (1:20 total)
25 s each (1:40)
15 s each (1:00)

This Push Up plan is working pretty darn well, it seems!

So did that, and back on track with diet and IF.  Today was another late sleep day, can't do that again tomorrow or I won't get anything productive done.  I STILL need to return those library books. Ugh.

Workout Summary (copy and pasted from Fitocracy 'cause I'm lazy but with point values deleted because they're aren't relevant to me).

Jumping Jacks

One-Arm Dumbbell Row
8 lb x 18 reps
8 lb x 22 reps
8 lb x 18 reps

Jump Squat (Toyotas)
15 reps
18 reps
15 reps

45 sec
70 sec
45 sec

Whoo! Feeling strong and like I'm on the track to noticeable improvement again, which feels amazing. 


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