Sunday, October 7, 2012

DAYS 12, 13 & 14

I completely fell off my diet plan these last few days; after I wrapped Thursday I celebrated with a few brews, and then somehow the next night I was eating icecream cake. I kept that up all weekend, my normal healthful meals followed by stuff like brownies and pumpkin coffee/beer and I'm a little annoyed at myself.  There's no point in beating myself up about it, I just have to get back on track starting tomorrow.  I think I was just absolutely wiped out from filming and also kind of emotionally crashing from the high of it, thus lots of feelings-eating. I still kept up my workout regime, naturally, though I really didn't push it much and my workouts weren't too intense. I felt really weak during two of them, which is again I think a result of the very busy week I had.

So today was a Rest day, though I completed my fifth and final day of mobility work for the NF week 2 Interguild challenge (go Assassins!). Hope we win.  It was really great learning new stretches and my legs are definitely feeling less tight, which is awesome. I will absolutely be incorporating MobWODs into my weekly routine.

Update on my Goal #4 (Write Every Day) I have been chugging along at this pretty successfully; some days the only writing I did was updating this blog and my NF Challenge thread, but over the past week I've been getting more creative (creativity breeds more creativity; I think being on set had a hand with this) and have been writing some poetry. I am adding Going to A Poetry Open Mic to my list of Bonus Goals for this challenge.

So even though I slipped up these last few days, I am hitting tomorrow with a vengeance; I'm going to be sure to load up on protein and healthy snacks to keep my wandering eyes away from chocolate covered cashews (which were delicious, by the way.)


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