Thursday, October 18, 2012

DAY 25

Mellow and somewhat productive day so far.

Got a little writing done; one of the reasons I often find myself desiring to write or work on acting stuff but frozen and ineffectual is I get overwhelmed by how much I want to do.  It finally sunk in today that I just need to create better routines. So, for starters:

-Write just one paragraph - this usually will turn into more, but if I set the goal as just the one, it seems more achievable on a day-to-day basis.
-Read aloud for five minutes
-Work on a scene or monologue for five minutes.

I did all that today and then some because I was enjoying myself so much. So, start small!

Workout was light:

Jumping Jacks: 50-50-50
Bench Dips: 10-8-7
Flat Straight Leg Raise: 10-15-10

Then I did 8 min of a deep squat, 2 min of calf stretch and 4 minutes of another MOBWod stretch.

Off to bartend.


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