Thursday, March 24, 2011

New poetry 'n stuff. Also, Suckerpunch looks awesome.

New! I wrote this ....couple days ago, we'll say Saturday. Also, I started working on this idea I had for a short play. I had the idea over a year ago, wrote a page then put it aside. So I'm trying to start over again. It's more for me to make myself finish something (other than poetry) than to try to produce, but you never know.

Also, I'm really obsessed with the costumes and overall aesthetic of "Suckerpunch." Once I see the movie I'll probably write about female empowerment v. male fantasy and blah blah blah, but for now: PREETTYYYYY. On a related note, my hair used to kind of look like that of Jena Malone's character. But less well-lit and desaturatededly (yes I made that word up) awesome and stuff. Sigh, jealous.

The Space Where Ends Meet

The moments tick painfully and quickly by
as I struggle to erase the space between ends
and stand on my feet instead of borrowing somebody else’s
Bright flashes clamoring for attention,
fighting each other and trying to claw their way
to the front of my brain
in a desperate attempt to escape my mind
and I don’t blame my ideas, I’d like out too
it’s a little confusing in there
I don’t like the way words look on a page anymore (if I put them there)
My creative engine is out of fuel
Somebody poked a hole in my tank again, but I don’t know where
And now I’m just leaking dreams all over the place
it’s quite a mess; if you trip on one,
please send me an email so I can collect it
I need all the power I can muster
to fight this happy monotony


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