Thursday, March 31, 2011

New poems, new art; Sucker Punch

Been a few days; that's not good, I've been a little lax in my artistic self-discipline. I suffered a bit of ennui over the weekend. The day job took a bit out of me, I suppose.

I saw Sucker Punch, and I was more than pleasantly surprised. After reading more than a few scathing reviews, I went in with very low expectations, but I found it not only visually and aurally entrancing, but I thought the message overall was empowering and the performances decent. It wasn't perfect, but I wasn't expecting it to be the King's Speech (which I still haven't seen, come to think of it...). Anyway, I dug it. Plus, it wasn't the fanboy wank material a lot of people made it out to be. The women of the cast kicked ass in an utterly believable way; I didn't feel the "wink-wink you know the ladies couldn't ACTUALLY be this badass" of other films with female action stars. The cast apparently trained for 6-8 months with Navy Seals prior to shooting, and it showed. All I'm saying is I wouldn't want to run into Abbie Cornish in a dark alley...well, actually, I would, but for different reasons. Heh. But yeah, she was a beast. Rawr.
Also, I can't stop listening to the soundtrack. It was fantastic. Fun fact, Emily Browning (Babydoll, in the film) sang the cover of "Sweet Dreams" that opens the movie. 

Head over to my deviantart account to see some new artwork. Yay!

Here are some new poems. The second one, "Permission to Unhinge" is a WIP, so I'll most likely be posting it again soon in it's entirety. I hope.

Holy Sacrilege - 3.28.11

I’m afraid to open my mouth
for fear of vomiting viscous rage
all over the damn place
mine is a leper brain
slowly rotting away
under the pressure of near delight
It’s easy to sound smart around fools
and conversely it’s difficult to stay calm
under the abuse of monotony

everything i do makes sense
and that is confusing
i know i am beautiful in my deceit
and loathsome in my confession
it is far too risky;
when i have lived 5 lifetimes
in 5 years and spent that half century searching...
yes it is far too risky to be pure
it is far too risky to be honorable
i think i might have found what I was looking for
and my conscious demands i chance
putting it back where I found it

i am shitting the bed in an effort to escape
back to being predictably miserable
who made me unlovable but so fuckable?
That ain’t right
being so troublesome is bothersome
when you missed the lesson on being a rebel
I try to create a new picture of myself
every day until i get it just right
and stay between the lines
But I’ve got mental carpal tunnel
grasping important messages
is touch and go at best
so i am dashes of color and anger and guilt
splashed into some semblance of
some kind of person
who does not know how to conform
but is too scared to cause a real ruckus

I want to detonate myself
enrage myself
unleash this
this distortion of god’s image
this psychotic slapdash job of a person

that extreme is what it is going to take
to wake up those stupid enough to trust me
and cruel enough to hold me
and vicious enough to love me.
Maybe then they will learn.

“Permission to Unhinge”

Alpha One this is Charlie Company
Permission to engage the enemy
on all fronts
Not just the front in my skull
The open front of rat-tat-tat-tat
Tattoo on my lips of the words
I keep trying to say
Do you copy? I said
Do you copy?
Do you copy the edge in my voice
as I tremble further out onto the edge
of my limits to endure
I am requesting permission
to engage the incoming hostiles
of my making

That's it for now, folks, thanks for reading!


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