Tuesday, March 15, 2011


"God Must Be A Kitten"

I have, altogether, far too many questions
and queries and curiosities about
Things that make sense to “everyone”
And yet no one at all
and every institution and theology and system
is so firmly settled in so many willing, desperate, terrified minds
that to begin to unravel the crisscrossed strings
of fact and fallacy is not a task many will accept.
Perhaps they fear that the ball of yarn, once undone, reveals
at its center
And that Nothing would so shake and shatter
every assumption their entire lives were built on
that they prefer to leave everything a big, colorful, tangled mess.
If only I knew how to weave my undone yarn into something beautiful and real
and show myself
(and maybe more than myself)
that the lies are worth untying.

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