Thursday, November 1, 2012

DAY 39 & 40: NaNoWriMo; Volunteering; Halloween!

Happy Belated Halloween!

Two of my four costumes:

DragRobin Returns for All Hallow's Eve!

I may have gotten carried away this year, but thanks to Sandy, Halloween has been extended until through next week. I have yet to pull together my Poison Ivy and Devil costumes, but at least one of them will make an appearance.

Today is the start of NaNoWriMo! I signed up! If you're one of my many creative friends and you're reading this, you should too! Misery loves company. I mean, the more the merrier! No, but RealTalk: I've wanted to write a novel for a reaaaaally long time, and I am absolutely determined to have something finished at the end of November.  It will be rough. But instead of thinking of it as a terrifying, half-formed-scaly-blob-harlequin-fetus of a novel; I will look forward to December 1st as the day my adorable, wobbly newborn giraffe of first draft stands up on its spindly baby-legs for the first time and totters around bumping into things. See?! Cute! Baby giraffe. Baby giraffe. That will be my NaNoWriMo mantra.

Yesterday was a rest day, and today I tackled Day 3 of Week 2 of the Push Up challenge. I think I am going to Do-Over Week 2,  because the fifth set literally had me crying in a heap on the floor. I managed to get out the 15 reps of the last set, but the last 5 of those were spaced out. I haven't pushed myself that hard in a while, but it felt good. It was really cleansing, actually.  I look forward to the end of next week when those 15 reps will be waaay easier.

A big part of why my progress slowed has been, well, the insanity of this past week.  Stuck in my neighborhood of Brooklyn (and having gotten absurdly lucky, what with still having power, water, heat, etc), I've gotten a bit stir crazy and have just been staying up way too late, drinking more than usual and eating candy and other junk. I don't regret the candy last night, because it was an awesome childhood regression moment, but I digress.

Starting tomorrow, I am rising at a godly hour and making myself productive.  I was really hit by a blast of survival guilt today as I heard sirens in the distance for what seems like the hundred thousandth time. Tomorrow I am going to Hunter College in the morning to see if they still need volunteers to help with the people camping out there (Come with me!).

Today's Workout:
Jumping Jacks:
12-13-10-10-15(I'm not counting the 15 as consecutive though; I had to take a few rests and the last 5 were all stand alone)
Jump Squat:

My forearms already hurt. Time to hot/cold shower it up, then crank out another 800 words for NaNoWriMo.


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