Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bus Boredom

[Edit: Still working out some kinks in the color scheme with the text...ugh.]

New color scheme! Halloweeny, no? I love Halloween. It is the best. I don't know what to be this year. Better start brainstorming.
They will see me and know fear.

 Speaking of storms, here is a poem I typed on my phone while waiting for the bus in the rain yesterday.

The rains came
And I saw myself
The wind brought memories
Of what was and
What will be
Known to me
Soon when I find the strength
To look up

Done a little writing, mostly in transit. Here's another rain inspired one, composed while I was on the bus to DC to visit my family; Hurricane Irene was on its way there.

Quick dark clouds
Today my friend
See them running
Far above us?
Racing to destiny
Damp shiny hooves
Their winnies shattering
the afternoon sky
Sounds like God
Trying to tear
Open the Heavens
It almost makes
Me believe again

As I was typing it out just now I realized I had a 3 word structure in the first few lines, so I tweaked the rest of the poem to fit. Yay for experimentation!

First post since June, trying to discipline myself and write more frequently. 


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