Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canucks Fan WTF

This blog has photos of Canucks fans RIOTING after Game 7 last night. RIOTING. People.

What. The. FUCK.

Rioting? Really? Okay, I know I've told many of my sports fans friends that just because sports are not my thing doesn't mean I can't appreciate sports culture, but then something like this happens and I just....I just can't. I don't get the hero worship of accused rapists, I don't get why you would be a fan of the Yankees versus the Sox. Do you know any of them personally? Did you all grow up in the city you're supposedly representing? What makes one team better than another on that level? Yeah, they're all good at what they do, mostly. Which is cool. For example, I get really into the Olympics, because holy shit, the human body's ability is amazing. And I get that playing sports is fun. But. You didn't fucking see me starting a riot when Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring didn't get Best Picture at the Oscars. Why? BECAUSE IT'S NOT ACTUALLY IMPORTANT. It's not.

If you're so fucking angry, how about you riot about something that ACTUALLY MATTERS. Like the unemployment rate. Or the attack on reproductive rights. Or that fact that gay people still can't get married. Or the fact that our military is fucking intervening left and right and our families are DYING abroad for NO REASON. How about you put that anger to use?

But no. Your sports team lost. They lost a game that they could potentially win next year.

I hope several hundred arrests were made and those thoughtless dude-bro idiots are fucking ashamed of themselves.

Apologies to my sports loving friends and family. I know you're not all crazy. But sometimes I wonder.


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